Champagne Glow Eyeshadow Palette by Becca and Jaclyn Hill Eliminated

Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Glow Collection in collaboration with Beacca launched about two weeks ago. This collection has following five products: Champagne glow face palette, eyeshadow palette, Pressed perfector Champagne Pop, Liquid Champagne Pop and Creme perfector Champagne Pop. You can read more details about the collection here.

Champagne Glow Eyeshadow Palette Eliminated

Yesterday, Jaclyn announced on her Snap Chat that they are eliminating the Champagne Glow Eyeshadow palette due to its poor quality. There have been a lot of complaints and negative comments about the performance of this eyeshadow palette which Becca and Jaclyn took in to consideration and reacted by removing it immediately from the collection and it will no longer be available instore on scheduled launch date of the collection.

Why champagne glow eyeshadow palette got eliminated


Jaclyn’s Followers Reaction on Social Media

As soon as she announced it on snap chat, the reaction from her followers started to come on social media and many of them appreciated her for taking this step and telling the truth while many other got really angry as how such thing could even happen when a high end brand is associated with a great beauty influencer.

jaclyn's palette reaction good

jaclyn's palette reaction bad


How all of this happened

Jaclyn expalaind in detailed as how all of this happened and why she didn’t know about the quality issue before the launch. Jaclyn was only responsible for picking up the colors and not actual production process or ingredients of the products. When it comes to collaboration it is always 50% 50%. She said that she doesn’t even wanted to do an eyeshadow palette in the first place, as there was so much going on at that time but Becca people told her they want her to create one shade only.

Since the they wanted to launch all products together, to get these eyedshadow palettes produced quickly to cater to all customers, Becca could not produce them in the lab where all of the Becca products are usually produced rather these were made in a different and new lab. The end product was not what they expected to be and many of the units were not of standard quality rather they were chalky and powdery.

Why they didn’t know it before the Launch?

As mentioned above not all units produced in the new lab were bad. There many people who actually really liked the palette so we can say 30% of the palettes were good and 70% were not up to the mark. Jaclyn said she received few palettes before the launch and one she used was not bad.

How Becca and Jaclyn handled the situation

As I mentioned it above, they immediately removed the palette from the collection and it will no longer be available in stores or online. Becca is also offering a full refund to those who didn’t like the palette. So if you are one those who got the bad one and did not like it, you can absolutely get your money back.

Jaclyn is my personal favorite beauty guru. I think she is a great human being and she is always true to her followers. It really takes guts to speak up the truth in front of millions of people and accepting the mistake. She is also a human being and can make mistake but it is very courageous of her to accept what happened. It is really great of Becca and Jaclyn to listen to the feedback and realizing what went wrong and take corrective action.



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