Nyx doesn’t want to stop!! they keep coming up with new products! They just posted a sneak peak of upcoming new shades of Liquid Lip SuedeNyx cosmetics is releasing 12 new shades of the liquid lip suede and all the shades look super cute. There are already 12 existing shades and now with these new there will be 24 shades in total.

I personally really like Nyx Liquid Lip suede and I have two of them. The new shades include some funky colors like pink, purple and blue. Besides these there are other darker shades as well.

12 new shades of nyx lip suede are:

  1. Respect the pink
  2. Club Hopper
  3. Subversive Socialite
  4. Little Demin Dress
  5. Downtown beauty
  6. Alien
  7. Jet Set
  8. Foiled again
  9. Brooklyn Thorn
  10. Foul Mouth
  11. Run The World
  12. Oh, Put It On

Swatches of 12 New Shades of Nyx Lip Suede

Swatches of new nyx lip suede

Swatches (top to bottom) Respect the pink, Club Hopper, Subversive Socialite, Little Demin Dress, Downtown beauty, Alien, Jet Set, Foiled again, Brooklyn Thorn, Foul Mouth, Run The World, Oh, Put It On

Details of 12 New Shades of Nyx Lip Suede

Name Liquid Lip Suede 
Brand NYX
Website http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/
Release Date Available on Ulta
Price $7
Picture credit https://www.instagram.com/nyxcosmetics/
Purchase link N/A


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