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First Look of Morphe 35O2 Palette – Second Nature

After the incredible success of 35O palette and its two other version 35O Matte and 35O Shimmer, Morphe Brushes is coming out with another variant of 35O palette. This new palette is Morphe 35O2 Palette – Second Nature.
Morphe 35O2 Palette

With the launch of this palette, Morphe brushes also changed their logo. Along with the logo, the brand also worked on new packaging. Unlike old palettes, this new palette has a name for every shade. These names are written on the plastic insert.

Jaclyn Hill, one of the top beauty influencers, was also involved in the shade selection of this palette. Yesterday on her snapchat she showed this palette and said that she has helped Linda Morphe, the owner of the brand, and product development team in picking out the shades. About half of the shades in Morphe 35O2 Palette are of Jaclyn’s choice. The shade range of Morphe 35O2 palette is similar to the original 35O palette but the new palette has

The shade range of Morphe 35O2 palette is similar to the original 35O palette, both the palettes have similar hues but the new palette has more deep tone shades. The 35O palette has a mix of cool and warm tone shades while 35O2 has more warm shades with some intense red and orange shades.

Launch Date Of Morphe 35O2 Palette

The palette launches on 12th October 2017

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