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How to Wear Jeffree Star Regina Gorge Hot Pink Skin Frost Highlighter?

This weekend Jeffree star revealed his upcoming Holiday Collection, which includes a hot pink highlighter. When I think of a highlighter, gold, champagne, pearl white and peach sort of shades pop in mind. I have never seen shocking and hot shades of highlighter but this is Jeffree Star!! He is all about unique, bright and shocking shades, be it a yellow liquid lipstick or black highlighter. Meet Regina Gorge, a Hot Pink Highlighter exclusive for this Holiday season.

Regina Gorge Skin Frost Highlighter

So if you are like me and wondering how to wear Jeffree Star Regina Gorge Hot Pink Skin Frost Highlighter? Here is an answer!! While revealing this new highlighter, Jeffree gave us advice on how to pull off this shade.

A disclaimer, this shade of skin frost is not safe for eyes and lips. So if you were thinking of using this bright highlighter as a lid shade, it’s not a good idea. Anyways, Regina Gorge Skin Frost looks more bright in the pan. Here is a swatch of it from Jeffree Star’s reveal video



Mix it

This hot pink highlighter might not work for you all alone, but you can put to a great use by mixing it some other shade. Regina Gorge would look great with Jeffree Star Iced Cold or his upcoming Holiday shades Princess Cut. you can absolutely mix it with any lighter highlighting shade.

As a Blush Topper

Another way to rock Regina Gorge is to use it with your blush as a blush topper or you can use it a blush to achieve that perfect glow.

Whether you use it as a blush or mix it with some other shade, Regina Gorge, all alone as highlighter would also look great.

So guys, what do you think? Is this one you list?

Picture Credit: Jeffree Star Swatch Video and Instagram

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