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Sneak Peek to the ColourPop Holiday Collection 2016

ColourPop Holiday Collection is almost here! I was desperately waiting for this collection, as you know, ColourPop is one of my favorite makeup brands. The brand not only has great products but also comes out with tons of product for each occasion. We are still getting over the fall edit and Hello Kitty Collection and here is the next collection by ColourPop. Here is a little sneak peek to the ColourPop Holiday Collection 2016.

ColourPop Send out the preview of the Holiday collection to the top spender customers on their email. They also showed a little bit of their upcoming collection on snapchat and here are some of the details.

This Holiday collection is based on “Now Playing” theme. Just like all other collections, this one also has a limited edition packaging. There are three kits and few single products in this collection. Each kit has a record packaging. Even the tubes inside these sets have limited edition packaging. The single lip products, on the other hand, have a matte black top with a matte frosted tube. Eyeshadow singles come in a black packaging.

Kits in ColourPop Holiday Collection

Never Not Chillin – Shadows and Pigments

To and From – Lippie Stix 

Kiss and Tell – Ultra Glossy Lips

ColourPop Holiday Kit ColourPop Holiday Kit

Singles in ColourPop Holiday Collection

There are 9 individual lip products 2 highlighter, and 4 eyeshadows in this upcoming ColourPop collection.

Website: https://colourpop.com/

Picture Credit: ColourPop Snapchat

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