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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review, Swatches and Makeup Look

Review of Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette Rose Gold Edition

Huda Kattan (Huda Beauty) recently came out with her first ever eyeshadow palette. This blogger turned business woman doesn’t need any introduction as she has proved herself with successful past launches.  Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette retails for $65 and  features 18 eyeshadows. It is a limited edition palette and there will be more editions of this palette in future. This palette is available on Sephora, ShopHudaBeautyand Cult Beauty

Packaging of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette comes in a cardboard sleeve which has Huda’s eyes printed on it. It is pretty similar to Huda Beauty eyelashes packaging. The Palette itself is made up of thick cardboard and the lid is transparent so you can actually see the shades which remind me of Mac palettes. This palette doesn’t have a mirror and I honestly don’t mind it but a mirror is always a plus point especially if the palette is $65. The palette is very light weight, sleek and travel-friendly. Because it is made up of cardboard, it can get damage easily especially from the corners. It comes with a personalized note from Huda and Lip Stickers.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review


In this palette, Huda has introduced a new formula “Textured Shadows” There are three different finishes of eyeshadows in this palette: 3D Metal, Pressed Pearl and Matte. Each shade is 1 gm so you get total 18 gms of product in this palette. 3D metals have unique pigments which are supposed to be very metallic and textured. According to Huda, these shades help in creating a 3D effect on the eyes.


Shade Selection

Rose Gold is the main theme of this palette. The overall shade selection is very good. There are all necessary mattes including basic brown, gray and pink. There are enough shades to create a variety of different eye makeup looks. If you already own some eyeshadow palettes, you might find few of the similar basic shades in this palette. There are 6 3D Metal, 2 Shimmer and 10 matte shades.

Shades in Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

  • Dubai – 3D Metal (Bronze)
  • Fling – 3D Metal (Cranberry)
  • 24K – 3D Metal (Gold)
  • Rose Gold – 3D Metal (Rose Gold)
  • Trust Fund – 3D Metal (Copper)
  • Angelic – Pressed Pearl (Pink with Gold Reflection)
  • #Blessed – 3D Metal (Dull Gold)
  • Bossy – Matte (Maroon)
  • Flamingo – Matte (Pink)
  • Shy – Matte (Dusty Pink)
  • Bae – Matte (Cream Shade)
  • Moon Dust – Pressed Pearl (Cream Shade with some Gold)
  • Black Truffle – Matte (Black)
  • Suede – Matte (Gray)
  • Coco – Matte (Dark Brown)
  • Maneater – Matte (Mulberry)
  • Henna – Matte (Reddish Brown)
  • Sandalwood – Matte (Deep tan)

Swatches of Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette – Rose Gold Edition

Swatches of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

Dubai, Fling, 24K, Rose Gold, Trust Fund, Angelic, #Blessed, Bossy, Flamingo, Shy, Bae, Moon Dust, Black Truffle, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood

3D Metal Shades

This palette features 6 shades 3D Metal shades. These shades have a new formula and pigments. These shades are very different from regular foiled eyeshadows, these are glittery and chunky which creates a texture on the eyes. I have noticed that three of the shades 24K, Rose Gold, and Trust Funds are chunkier than the rest of the three shades. These three shades also have a lot more texture than rest of the three shades. Fling and #Blessed are the two shades with least amount of chunks of glitter but both of the shades look very nice and pigmented.  There is no fall out with these 3D Metal shades except for 24K. 24K is very chunky and whenever I apply this shade, it falls out badly.

These 3D Metal shades are supposed to be used with fingers and  do not pick any product with the brush. I personally find it difficult to apply eyeshadows with fingers as it is very difficult to apply precisely using fingers only. I have very small eyelids and hooded eyes so I find these shades very difficult to apply. I always have to be very careful with shimmer or metallic shades because of my hooded eyes as the shimmer transfer to my crease area very easily and same happened with these textures shadows.

Although I had some difficulty in applying these but I really like the way these shades look on the eyes. These are super metallic and you do not need any glitter with these.

Pressed Pearl Shades

Pressed Pearl Shades are actually shimmer shades and there are only 2 in this palette. Angelic is a duo chrome pink with gold reflection shade and is one of my favorite shades from this palette. Moon Dust is also a very nice overall lid shade

Matte Shade

There are 10 matte shades in this palette. These mattes range from very light cream shade to very dark brown and black. It has all the basic shades which complement the 3D metal and shimmer shades in the palette very nicely. All matte shades are pigmented and they blend smoothly. The quality of these mattes is good but it could have been better. The only shade that falls out is Maneater.

Makeup Look Using Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette



I am a very big fan of Huda Kattan and support her brand because of her hard work. I really appreciate the fact that with this palette she has come up something new. This new textured shadow formula is definitely different but I am afraid that these textured shadows might not work for all of you.

I would recommend this palette only if you want to try something new at this cost ($65).


  • Good Shade Range
  • Textured shadows are very metallic
  • Matte are soft and blendable


  • No Mirror
  • Packaging is not sturdy
  • Some 3D Metal shades fall out especially 24K

Buy it at CultBeauty.com

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