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What’s inside Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set by Too Faced and Kat Von D?

Kat Von D and Too Faced surprised us once again. In addition to their Better Together Makeup Collection both the brands have created another treat for the fans. Yesterday, Kat Von D showed us sneak peek of  Better Together Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set.

This Better Together Cheek + Lip Makeup Bag set is also created by both the brands and follows a similar theme as The Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection.

This makeup set includes 4 products and one makeup bag. The bag is again heart shaded. One side of the bag represents Kat Von D brand and while the other side represents Too Faced Cosmetics.

Kat Von D side of Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set

Kat Von D side of Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set

Too Faced Side of Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set


Too Faced Side of Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set

What’s Inside Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set

This set features two products from each of the brands.

  • 2 NEW KVD shades (Muse and XO) Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and Studded Lipstick
  • NEW Too Faced Blush (So Happy Together)
  • Candlelight Glow Highlighting Duo (Rosy Glow)

When Does Cheek+Lip Makeup Bag Set Release

This set is releasing this holiday season on 26 December 2016

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