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What’s in the ColourPop Fall Edit 3 Dusty Rose Collection

It is finally the time to say farewell to our summer makeup. Yesterday, ColourPop Cosmetics dropped third fall edit collection. During this month, the brand has already released two fall edit collection and this is the third one. Fall Edit 1 collection had Plum hues while ColourPop Fall Edit 2 had terra cotta tones. This ColourPop Fall Edit 3, on the other hand, has Dusty Rose tones in it. Keep reading if you want to find out What’s in the ColourPop Fall Edit 3 Dusty Rose Collection.

ColourPop Fall Edit 3 Dusty Rose Collection features 7 new products. Just like other two fall edit collections, this one is also limited edition. ColourPop Fall Edit 3 Dusty Rose Collection has the following products:

Muse Super Shock Eyeshadow – $ 5

This eyeshadow has pearlized finish and ir is a coppery rose shade

Brady Super Shock Eyeshadow – $ 5

It is a soft dusty ros eeyeshaodw in matte finish

Paisley Super Shock Eyeshadow – $ 5

It is a very pretty Glitter sheer finish shadow. Paisley Super Shock Eyeshadow is a Sheer golden ivory laced with tons of multi- coloured sparkle.

Time Square Ultra Matte Lip – $6

It is beautiful oink beige shade in matte finish.

Viper Ultra Matte Lip – $6

It is a perfect dust rose matte shade

Baracuda Ultra Satin Lip – $6

Baracuda is a feep rose shade in satin finish

Femme Ultra Satin Lip – $6

This Ultra Satin lip is a dirt lilac shade.

Swatches of ColourPop Fall Edit 3

Swatches ColourPop Times Square Viper Ultra Matte and Baracuda Femme Ultra Satin


Time Square and Viper were disclosed before. With so many fall products, ColourPop Cosmetics really has everything for you. What are your favourite shades? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Picture credit: https://www.instagram.com/colourpopcosmetics/

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