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Makeup Geek Highlighters and Duochrome Highlighters Releasing Soon

We heard about these upcoming makeup geek highlighters in the beginning of this year 2016. Now finally after all these months we have a tentative release date of Makeup Geek Highlighters and Duochrome Highlighters.

First let’s talk a little bit about these Makeup Geek highlighters. The brand debuted highlighters with their collaboration with Kathleen lights. Kathleen Lights teamed up with the brand to create a palette with three different shades of highlighters. Kathleen Lights Palette Highlighter Palette retails for $39 only.

Initially I thought there is only one formula of these Makeup Geek Highlighters but Marlena disclosed another formula as well. The other formula of up coming makeup geek highlighter is duochrome. Just like Makeup Geek Duochrome eyeshadows, these duochrome highlighters also have two shades. I think this concept of duochrome face highlighters has never been done before.

Makeup Geek Highlighters and Duochrome Highlighters are coming out next month. Although no exact date has been announced yet but it could be by the end of next month.

I am super excited for the release of these highlighters. What about you??

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