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Everything you want to know about Makeup by Shayla iSlay Lashes

Makeup by Shayla iSlay Lashes in collaboration with Flutter Lashes

Beauty Blogger Shayla once again teamed up with Flutter Lashes. Shayla is known as Makeup by Shayla on social media. With almost 2 Million followers on Instagram, she is favorite of many of the beauty lovers. This time, both of them have collaborated to bring a new style of lashes “iSlay”. If you are wondering how does this new style of lashes look? keep reading because we have got everything about Makeup by Shayla iSlay Lashes.

Last time they came up with Slayla mink lashes which were pretty dramatic and expensive as well. The price of these older lashes was $39.95. iSlay Lashes, on the other hand, are less dramatic and less pricey.

iSlay Lashes are not as dense as their previous Slayla Lashes were. Just like all the collaboration, this one is also limited edition.

Limited Edition iSlay Lashes are made up of synthetic hair. Shayla has done the designing of these lashes while the brand “Flutter Lashes” did all the production. iSlay lashes are designed with light and dark layer of cross patterns. It also has a  wing  that adds volume with fair length for that natural classy effect.

Shayla weraing islay lashes by flutter lashes

Shayla wearing iSlay Lashes

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