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Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition is releasing This Month

Buckle up Star fans, the wait is finally over! The diva has finally announced the release of The Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Line which he revealed in November’2015, after almost 10 months. Such a relief!

After all the successful and worth using products like eyeshadow palette and velour liquid lipsticks, Jeffree is looking forward to releasing his first ever Lipsticks. Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition will be available in  several finishes. Just like other Jeffree products, this one also has a cute pink packaging. This line will make debut at the end of September.

He has been updating fans about the shades this new line will be having. The first 2 shades to be released are Creamy Satin Finish and Glitter Finish. And then two more shades were revealed, Unicorn Blood and Celebrity Skin, counted under Satin Finish. The best part is that the shades are very natural and longlasting. Initially, there are going to be 10 shades of Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition.

The star himself has been publicizing his new product on different social medias like snap chat and twitter. Also, he has been thanking his customers for their amazing support and responses.  More information about this new line is coming soon 🙂

GoodLuck Jeffree for the new product!

Website: http://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/

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