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My Experience at Peng’s Salon Karachi

Good makeup starts with good skin. No matter how high end and expensive your makeup is but if you do not have good skin base to start with, you can never achieve flawless results. I rarely go out to beauty salons for facials and stuff but this time, I really wanted to freshen up my skin which had become really dull. I choose Peng’s Salon to treat my skin because I have heard so much about this salon and their services. So in this post, I am sharing my experience at Peng’s Salon Karachi

Peng’s along with many other leading salons, is celebrating Guinot Week. Check out my recent post about Guinot Week to find out what it is about. Anyways, I decided to take advantage of amazing discounts they are offering on 5all Guinot Facials at Peng’s salon. I got Hydra Gel Facial, Manicure, Pedicure and blow dry done from the Salon.


First of all, I was warmly greeted by the staff. Everyone was so nice and friendly. When it comes to services, I was amazed at the technology and techniques they use. They tested my skin first and recommended a facial according to my skin needs and problems. The facial was very nice and relaxing. The soft background music was very soothing.



This was my first time but now I will be going their regularly. I noticed the results of the facial immediately and it been a week now and my skin definitely feels a lot better. I loved everything from ambiance to there services.

I really enjoyed my all services and would definitely recommend all of you to at least try Peng’s salon once and I am sure you will go to them again.