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First Look of Bh Cosmetics Marble Collection Palettes

Update: Available now

Get ready for another treat from your favorite brand BH Cosmetics. Actually, it’s not just one but two treats this time. BH Cosmetics showed their upcoming Marble Collection on Instagram last week. This Marble collection features two beautiful eyeshadow palettes. Here are some details about Bh Cosmetics Marble Collection Palettes.

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These two palettes have marble design printed on the packaging. Just like most of BH Cosmetics Palettes, these two also has a big mirror. Each palette has a different tone of shades. One of the palettes is warm toned while the other is cool toned. With this marble packaging both of the palettes look very promising.

The Warm palette has all the necessary warm browns and neutrals to create a complete look. The Cool palette also has some great cool toned shades. The Cool palette has some pop of colors like shocking pink and blue.

The Release date of the Marble collection will be announced soon. I will also be uploading the swatches very soon, so stayed tuned 🙂

Buy Bh Cosmetics Marble Palettes Now


Picture credit: https://www.instagram.com/bhcosmetics/

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