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Sneak Peak of Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette

Literally every other day there is a news of a new palette. This, my friends, is humongous!! Do you see how many shades it has?? not a lot of high-end brands come out with a 32 shades eyeshadow palette but it is Lorac and it is a Sneak Peak of Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette.

Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette has 32 different shades but the overall theme of this palette looks neutral. It doesn’t have colorful or bright shades. We can see browns, grays, mauve, silver, gold and many other shades. Just like most of the palette, it also has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades.

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With this palette, you won’t need anything else and you can create a huge variety of looks with it. This palette is said to be released in October but this date is subject to change.

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Swatches of Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette