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Rodeo Drive Highlighter By Ofra Cosmetics

Another new highlighter!! And it is Gold!! These days, to be good at makeup, you need to have strong highlight game. To make our highlight game strong more and more brands are coming up with new highlighters. Ofra Cosmetics is releasing a new highlighter this week. The name of this new highlighter is “Rodeo Drive”. Rodeo Drive Highlighter By Ofra Cosmetics is a gold highlighter.

Ofra Cosmetics currently carries few highlighters. Beverly Hills Highlighter, DupeThat Highlighter, Cheekbone Enhancer and Mineral powder are the exiting highlighting products. Non of these look as intense as this Rodeo Drive highlighter looks. Not only this but the look of this new highlighter is Bomb! Just look at the pattern on it.

I am already in love with thi Rodeo Drive Highlighter and can’t wait it to launch. It is releasing this Friday 5 Aug 2016. I will be posting more details and swatches of this beautiful highlighter very soon.

Details of Rodeo Drive Highlighter By Ofra Cosmetics

Name Rodeo Drive Highlighter
Brand Ofra Cosmetics
Website https://www.ofracosmetics.com
Release Date Coming soon
Price 5-Aug-16
Picture credit https://www.instagram.com/ofracosmetics/
Purchase link N/A


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