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Review of BH Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette

Collaborations bring so much excitement especially when an affordable makeup brand collaborates with a beauty guru. Bh Cosmetics Collaborated with the super talented Beauty YouTuber Shannon Harris, who is better known as Shaaaxo on YouTube. Both of them teamed up to create a double ended palette which makes it a bit different from past collaborations. Just like former Bh Cosmetics Collaborations, this palette is extremely affordable and gives great value. Bh Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette retails for $14.50 only.

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The packaging of Bh Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette is made up of cardboard and it is pink in color with bubbles design on both the sides. This palette has Bh cosmetics and Shaaanxo name printed on it. As I have mentioned above, this palette is double ended. One side has nine eyeshadows and other side has nine lip colors in cream formula. Just like all other Bh cosmetics palettes, this one also doesn’t have names of the shades.

Eyeshadow side of Bh Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette

This palette features 9 beautiful eyeshadows. These shadows are mixtures of matte and shimmer. Out of 9 shades 4 are shimmer and 5 are matte shades. The main theme of this eye palette in my opinion is bronze. And this palette resembles the new KYShadow Palette by Kylie Cosmetics.

The BH Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette has all the shades necessary to create a basic eye makeup look. Not only a basic eye makeup look but you can definitely create a variety of looks using this palette. This palette has matte light cream color type of shade as well as shimmer light shade for inner corner and brow bone highlight. Taupe pink shimmer shade and 2 shimmer brown shades are perfect for over-all lid shading. Light yellow type matte shade and the brown matte is perfect for crease area and these are my absolute favorite these days.

Swatches of Shaaanxo Palette

Swatches of Shaaanxo Palette by BH cosmetics in day light

I am surprised to see the quality of these shadows. The few shimmer shades look like dou chrome. And with a liquid mixing agent these shadows work the best.

Lip Colors in BH X Shaaanxo Palette

I am not a fan of palettes with powder and cream products both because it kind of makes it messy. But with this palette, it is not the case, as cream lip colors are on separate side of the palette. When I opened the lip side of the palette and started trying all the shades with my brush, one of the shade was so melted and my brush completely dipped into the pan.

Swatches of Shaaanxo palette lip colors

Swatches of BH Cosmetics X Shaaanxo Palette lip colors


Melted shaaanxo li color by bh cosmetics

Pink melted shade in Shaaanxo palette

If we talk about the colour selection of lip colors in this palette, I must say the shades are very good and with these nine shade you can not get short of colors. You get nudes, pinks, reds and darker shades. Lip shades are indeed very creamy but as far as pigmentation is concerned, it fails to satisfy me. Specially the lighter shades are hard to get uniform coverage across the lip.

The eyeshadow side of this palette is way better than the cream lip side. But the value you are getting with this palette is amazing. I would have still recommended this palette if it didn’t feature the lip side. In my opinion the eyeshadows justify the price. The lip colors on the other hand are like bonus that you get with these shadows.

I really like this palette and this has become one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes.

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