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First Look of Jeffree Star New Metallic Lipstick

Jeffree Star debuted his new lip product yesterday. He uploaded the thired episode of his “Get ready in my Rolls Royce” searing. In this vide he invited famous beauty Youtuber Laura Lee. He introduced his new upcoming Metallic Liquid Lipstick formula. The shade of Jeffree Star New Metallic Lipstick is bright metallic pink.

Jeffree Star Metallic Lip New Barbie

Swatch of Jeffree Star New Metallic Lipstick

Laura Lee looked so surprised when he took out this new Metallic Liquid Lipstick. Jeffree has already mentioned metallic forumla before and many people thought he is no more working on this formula. But in this latest video he explained why it took him this long. According to Jeffree, metallic formula is very difficult to perfect. We know Jeffree and how particular he is about the quality of his product.

Jeffree Star New Metallic Lipstick

Jeffree Star New Metallic Lipstick

This metallic lipstick shade so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet. The shade looks like bright metallic barbie pink. As far as formula is concerned, we know jeffree must have worked really hard on it. The pigmentation looks bomb and in the video when Jeffree applied just a one layer, it looked amazingly pigmented.

This product is at initial stage of production that is why we do not have any major information about it but you know the place for all the updates! Glamistic.com 🙂

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Pictures: Jeffree Star Video