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Elf Cosmetics New Brush Collection Is Releasing Soon

e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f Cosmetic no doubt is one of the best drugstore makeup brands. One can get almost every makeup product from this brand. elf comesmetics are not only good in quality but also extremely affordable. elf Cosmetics already creates some great makeup brushes. I myself am a big fan of some its brushes. A good news for elf cosmetics fans is, they are coming up with a new collection of makeup brushes.

Not only 2 or 3 but we are going have an entire new collection makeup brushes. The current makeup brushes that elf Cosmetics creates are amazing. This new collection looks like a step ahead of existing brushes. The design of these new brushes looks very simple and elegant. Elf Cosmetics New Brush Collection has transparent handle unlike older brushes. The design of these brushes makes the grip easy and comfortable. These have triangular hands which makes them fit in hand for controlled use for precision application of makeup. Details of Elf Cosmetics New Brush Collection are here 😀

elf Cosmetics carry brushes for as low as $1 but this collection is priced a bit higher. The price rang of Elf Cosmetics New Brush Collection is $5 to $12. I am sure the quality of these brushes will justify the higher price. As i mentioned above, the handle is transparent which gives a unique look to these brushes. All the brushes in new collection have white bristles and silver ferrule.

Achelle Dunaway (@askachelle) posted this picture on instagram. We can see eight brushes form the collection and chances are that there are more brushes in this collection. There are some face brushes including a contour brush. Eye brushes in Elf Cosmetics New Brush Collection include pencil brush, eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush.

I am very excited for this new collection as I am always on a haunt of new affordable brushes. The launch of this brush collection is in October 2016. I will update the exact date of lunch and other information soon.

e.l.f. cosmetics