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Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Sponge

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand which never stops and always comes out with new products. Here is a sneak peak of another upcoming product. They are currently working on creating a beauty sponge. Here is a sneak peak of Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Sponge.

These days beauty industry is flooded with many makeup sponges. Beauty sponges with different colors, shapes and prices are now available. You can find a makeup sponge for as low as $1 but not all of them give that flawless finish. Many high end brands are also coming up with makeup sponges. To keep up with the competition, Anastasia Beverly Hills is also creating a makeup spong.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Sponge is a black sponge. The shape of it not novice. I have seen many sponges with such shape. The only thing which is different in this sponge is the imprinted Anastasia Beverly Hills logo which I have never seen before.

Just by looking at the picture, we can’t say if it is going to give the desired application.

More information about the release is coming soon.

Picture credit: https://www.instagram.com/coley_mua/