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Five Habits For Healthy Hair

Everyone has different preference when it comes hair, some women like short while other love long hair, some of them like to wear a bun on the other hand some like nice and tight pony tail, no matter how they like their hair, one thing that every women wants is naturally healthy hair. Healthy hair doesn’t only make you look more attractive but also boost up your confidence. Almost every woman likes to have soft, shiny, manageable and voluminous hair these days.  One way of achieving such ideal hair is to go for artificial hair treatments which is not only heavy on pocket but also needs a lot of time and effort. The other was is to adopt few habits which would gradually make your hair healthier naturally. Here are the Five Habits For Healthy Hair

Using Hair OilHair oil

There are numerous benefits of using hair oil. It helps making the hair stronger, shinier, smoother and grow faster. Not only this, a number of hair problems can be addressed by using different types of hair oils. Regularly using hair oil can help in reducing hair fall and dandruff as well. It works as great heat protectant as well. Oil provides the required vitamins and essential to the hair which makes the hair healthy and strong.

MessageHair Massage

Applying hair oil does the job but messaging your hair with it intensifies the results. It improves blood circulation which benefits the hair in numerous ways like improving hair growth, hair growth and relaxes the mind. It gives a sense of relaxation to the entire body.

Shampoo only twice a week

Experts have different opinion about how often one should use shampoo and there is also a trend of no poo which is followed by a lot of people. In my opinion excess of anything is not right, you must create a balance. No matter what brand do you choose, shampoos tend have chemicals in them and off course many of them claim to have beneficial ingredient in them. Anywho, I would suggest to use shampoo not more than thrice a week because as I mention earlier, which might harm your hair in the long run.


Warm or cold water

Water temperature at the time of washing the hair is also very important. First thing that you must not do is, wash your hair with hot water, it can damage your hair very bad. Now let’s talk about warm and cold water. Warm water opens up the hair cuticle while cold water closes them. So the ideal situation is to use warm water at the time of using shampoo and conditioner so that the ingredient penetrate inside your hair at the end rinse your hair with cold water to lock the moisture from conditioner and shampoo.

Trim Regularlytrimming_500x333

There are many benefits of trimming your hair regularly and by regularly I mean once every 3 to 4 months   . By trimming you get rid of dead ends which otherwise make your hair look dull, thin and dry. Some people think trimming hair would hinder the hair growth but it actually boosts the process. Because you get rid of dead and split ends which slows the hair growth.