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KeraStraight And Olaplex Launch Event

Last week I was invited by Qureshi group to attend the launch event of the two new brands: Kera Straight and Olaplex. The event took place in Karachi at Mehran Hotel.  A workshop was also conducted at the event but since these are salon products I was more interested in seeing actual advantages and results of the products. After seeing the entire demonstration I was very impressed with the final outcome of both these treatments. They really do what they claim to do. Let me just tell you about the products and treatments that were taught in the workshop.


Almost every women want beautiful, manageable and voluminous hair. and often go through lot treatments to achieve the ideal hair. With Kera Straight products, achieving that perfect hair won’t be an issue. Their range includes a lot of hair care products ranging from chemical free hair straightening treatments to heat protecting sprays. At the workshop the entire KeraStraight Keratin treatment was demonstrated.

It is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that not only makes your hair straight but also nurture them to look & feel shiny and soft. It lasts up to 60 70 hair washes. Let me share few points about KeraStraight Keratin treatment.

KeraStraight Keratin Hair Treatment

  • It does not create any fumes while application
  • It can be used on pregnant women
  • No gloves required for application because of less chemicals in it
  • Can be used on newly grown hair
  • Not harmful for scalp

KeraStraight’s family of treatments and styling products will radically transform your hair, leaving it feeling repaired, looking gorgeous & easy to manage



It is insurance for your hair. We all know the after effects of coloring our hair. Harsh chemicals can destroy the natural shine and quality of the hair. With Olaplex products, you don’t need to fear hair damage while getting a new hair color. These products save your hair from potential hair coloring damage. These products are compatible with all hair coloring products and works to protect hair from harmful chemicals. So next time when you visit your hair stylist make sure they use Olaplex 🙂