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December Favorites

Becca Champagne Glow Palette

End of 2015 was all about highlight on fleek and I think it still is. As soon as I got this amazing palette I was in love with it. This Highlight palette by Becca Cosmetics has three highlight shades. My favorite shade out of these three is Champagne pop which, I hope all of you know, is created by Jaclyn Hill. Rest of the two shades are Pearl and Blush Copper. Champagne Pop and Pearl are available as full size highlighters as well and are permanent. Champagne Pop is a Golden Peach highlight and suites various skin tones but it might be a bit dark for fair skin tones. Pearl is a perfect shade for fair skin tone. I have done a detailed review on pearl check it outThis was a Holiday release and no longer available.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

NYX has been coming up with new lip products formula. They just launched  Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks, which I will be getting soon and reviewing. This NYX liquid suede is also a new and different formula. It’s a cream product and turns completely matte when dries. I have it in two shades, Sandstorm and Vintage, both were out of stock for some time. I suggest you to check out my detailed review on these Liquid Suedes by NYX. I like sandstorm more than Vintage because generally I like nude shades. I have been wearing these two shades a lot lately and probably would try more shades

Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass

Honestly speaking, I find it difficult to judge the effects of a primer. But I am also aware of the importance of primer to keep the makeup on point, so I always wear a good primer. I got this mini Hourglass veil mineral primer in my Sephora Time to Prime set. It controls the shine and won’t make you look oily. It doesn’t irritate my skin like many other primers, which is my main concern while using a primer.

Victoria Secret Nail Lacquer – Backstage

I have this nail color for about a year and got it in my first ST Effects box. I literally forgot that I even have it but few days back my eyes caught it while I was going through my stuff and I literally fell in love with it  all over again. It is all pink/rose gold glitter and makes nails look sparkly. Last time when I wore it I got few compliments as well. Sadly this is no long available otherwise I would have bought it in different colors.