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Liquid Lipstick by MM Makeup Review

Review of Liquid lipstick by MM Makeup

(Masarrat Misbah Makeup)

Liquid Lipstick By MM Makeup

I got it long ago and finally got some time to try and review this liquid lipstick by MM Makeup by Masarrat Misbah.

It comes in 4 different shades: Fuchsia Rouge, Magento, Phenomenal Red and Valencia and retails at Rs. 1100. Available online here. It comes in lip gloss packaging with a wand and there is something about this wand which makes the application easy and smooth.

I have it in the shade Phenomenal Red and this color is such a pretty Red shade with a little hint of orange in it. As a liquid lipstick is supposed to be full coverage, this shade is highly pigmented. Another good thing is that it applies evenly and does not become patchy which a lot of other high end branded liquid lipsticks does. It does not need multiple strokes to get even application.

Phenomenal Red Liquid Lipstick

It does last for hours without fading but if you have a meal while wearing this lipstick, it will start coming off.

A good liquid lipstick is meant to be matte and as a result they make your lips dry at some point, so does this liquid lipstick by mm makeup. To minimize the drying effect of any liquid lipstick the best solution is to exfoliate your lips and applying lip balm before using liquid lipstick.

Formula is very creamy and is not liquid which makes application easy but it does dry quickly so you better apply it correctly before it dries as removing and replying could be a hassle.

MM Makeup Liquid Lipstick

I personally really like this lipstick. It can  be worn to make the makeup look more dramatic. This shade really suites me and I often get compliments while wearing this beautiful shade.