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N-Pro No Makeup by Nabila Review

N-Pro No Makeup by Nabila ReviewI am thrilled to pieces to see Pakistani beauty industry growing. Pakistan’s renowned hair designer and stylist Nabeela surely doesn’t need any introduction. With her vast experience in hairstyling and makeup she has come up with her own cosmetic line and so far has launched only two products under the brand name N-Pro: N pro No makeup and Magic Curl. Today my this post is about N-Pro No Makeup by Nabila Review.

It comes in 5 different shades: ivory, creamy, honey, olive and almond skin tone. Packaging is very compact and has 2 compartments. The upper compartment has a quad of concealer, foundation, blush and lip color. The lower compartment has setting powder. This is an all-rounder makeup kit which is designed to create a no makeup makeup look. In my opinion the aim of this product is to hid minor flaws of your face and make you look flawless.

N Pro No makeup review

The first product in this kit is concealer. It has orange undertone and I find it to be a bit thick but it gives a very good coverage and perfectly hides dark circles. Orange undertone prevents it from looking grey.

Foundation is rather creamier than the concealer and it is instructed to use it below concealer to blend it. I use the foundation over  the concealer as well. I also apply it on my blemishes and it gives a pretty good coverage.

Blush and lip color are also in cream form and blush looks the driest of all. Both the shades gives natural look. You need to apply a dot of blush on the apples of your check and blend it. Lip color is pigmented enough to give full coverage to the lips.

The blush not very long lasting and starts to get light within 1 to 2 hours. Though lip color is creamy but when I apply it my lips start getting dry after sometime. For me the lip color doesn’t give natural look.

Setting powder does a really good job at keeping products in place but if you over apply, it makes your under eye area cakey so you have to be careful about it.

steps of using n pro no makeup makeup kit

After about two hours of application concealer and foundation start to get absorbed in the skin making your skin and dark circle show a little bit but it’s very minimal and you might even not notice of you have light dark circles. If you have applied orange corrector excessively, it might also peak out after some time of application. It does crease if you have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles, even if you hace fewer fine lines it will crease a bit. It might not work for you if you have discolored skin.

It retails for Rs 6900 and Rs 6500 if you buy it from any Nabila salon. It is a bit pricey but the quality of this product really justifies the price.

You can order it online. Click here to order

I am really impressed with this little makeup kit and the results really show the hard work by Nabila.


1) It’s very compact and travel friendly

2) Doesn’t not need any brush for application

4) Takes about 2 minutes to give you a flawless look


1) It is very expensive

2) The concealer tends to crease a lot

3) After 2 to 3 hours of application, the products start vanishing

I would suggest you to buy it only if you have excess money and like to try and experiment with new products. Otherwise better results can be achieved using many other cheaper products.

Before and after using n pro no makeup makeup kit