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Anam Falak Eye Lashes

Anam Falak Eye Lashes Launching on 15 Sept 2015

Anam Falak Eye Lashes

It is very difficult to find a good pair of eyelashes in Pakistan and most of the time I end up ordering them online but now I think I won’t have to go through the trouble and long wait of getting my eyelashes imported from USA.

Anam Falak, Pakistan’s famous makeup artist, is all set to launch here very own line of Eye lashes. When I heard it on Instagram that she has come with a line of eyelashes I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these beauties. I really liked the way she has named different styles of eyelashes: Karachi, Pakhtun, Lahore, Isloo, Saira and Zara.

The lashes come in a standard cardboard lash boxes. Front has Anam’s eyes and back has product description printed. The packaging reminds me of Huda Beauty Eyelashes.

These luxury eyelashes retails at Rs 2300 and are available at her Karachi studio or online. Click here to purchase. Available at an introductory price and in limited stock. They ship worldwide.

As stated on the back of the packaging, these are 100% natural cruelty free mink hair or human hair eyelashes, handmade and are free from any chemical processing or dyes. Since these are natural hair eyelashes, they can be worn upto 25 to 28 times. She defines them as 3D lashes which makes eye lashes voluminous  and crispy.


My Experience:

When I went to her Karachi Studio, they showed me couple of styles and I chose the one with greatest volume. The name was not printed anywhere on the packaging. There was a white tag pasted on the side of the package with hand written name on it. I couldn’t comprehend what was written and upon asking I was told its “The Eiffel”. Now when these are launching and Anam disclosed all the names of different styles, there is no one with this name 🙁

The Eiffel Eyelashes by Anam Falak

I have tried these lashes once and I am really amazed by the premium quality. This particular style really gives volume and makes the eyes look dramatic.

Look created using Anam Falak Eyelahses

The band is a bit thick though which might not be ideal for everyone but apart from that these are just great. I am already in love with these and will buy more styles as well. Let me know in the coments below if you are planning to buy these gorgeous lashes too 🙂