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Baking Makeup

Baking/Cooking Makeup is a makeup technique. It is letting an excessive amount of loose powder to sit on your face and then dust it off after a while (5 to 10 minutes). By doing so, the loose powder melts in to the skin and creates a flawless look. Baking is normally done on the areas of the face where you highlight. Many Hollywood celebrities and makeup artist prefer baking to create flawless makeup looks.

Baking Makeup

What you need to bake your makeup

Makeup sponge (preferably with pointed end)

Loose powder

Dip the sponge in loose powder and apply on the areas where you normally highlight and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Dust off the access powder and you just baked your makeup!!  😀

Where to bake your makeup

On areas where you would highlight:

Cheek bone

Center of nose



Cons of baking makeup

Not Suitable for dry skin

Not suitable for skin with wrinkles

Pros of baking makeup

Looks great in photos

Good for people with oily skin

Creates HD look