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That is, you have a 1 in 7056 chance of the same song playing

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canadian goose jacket Report any spam/rule breaking posts to the mods with the report button. Be sure to include the reason for your report!While correct, some things for OP to consider: Some audio players choose to group similar songs together, as humans generally dislike true randomness (especially when it seems fake). That is, you have a 1 in 7056 chance of the same song playing 3 times in a row, which we feel is not randomized enough, despite being truly random.. canadian goose jacket

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uk canada goose outlet A commonly accepted value for carbon sequestration is seven pine trees per ton of carbon dioxide per year. This meant I needed 130 trees to offset my carbon footprint. To be honest, we already had way more than 130 cheap canada goose gilet trees on our family property, but I was doing this with a specific type of tree and I thought, plant these anyway, may as well be carbon negative, plus it a fun project and will look great uk canada goose outlet.