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Current Skin Care Routine

I always adjust my skin care routine with change in whether.  Though winters are very short in my city but during few days of this season, my skin gets very sensitive, dry and patchy. I try to avoid skin care products with harsh chemicals and use products that are meant for sensitive skin.


My morning and night skin care routine is pretty much the same these days.

First of all I wash my face with Philosophy Purity Made Simple. This face cleanser is not harsh and suites my skin really well. After cleansing my2_320x240 face, I use Aloe Soothing Day cream by The Body Shop.  No matter which facial cleanser I use, it always leave dry patches on my face so I apply this day cream all over my face specially in the dry areas.

After moisturizing, I moisturize my under eye area with Vitamin e eye cream by The Body shop. I have a detailed reviewed this eye cream. Check it out here.

I use Maybelline Baby lips to keep my lips moisturized throughout the day. One application is not enough so I reply apply it when required. Check out my Maybelline Baby lips review.  I use Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow one my neck, arms and legs. It claims to keep the skin moisturize for 24 hrs but sadly it doesn’t. So I reapply it sometimes. The price justifies the product results so I don’t mind reapplying it.

3_320x240I don’t have huge acne issue but sometimes do get pimples and Tea Tree Oil is what I use to get rid of them. After moisturizing, I apply tea tree oil on affected areas. This oil is the best thing I have ever used to treat my acne.

My feet also require extra care during this harsh season and I use Vaseline BlueSeal Petroleum Light Hydrating Jelly on my feet to avoid cracked feet. During winters I layer my feet with petroleum jelly heavily and put on my socks throughout the day. It not only keeps my feet moisturized but also make them supper soft.

Skin should not be exfoliated everyday but during this time of the year I really need frequent exfoliation because of the dryness. I use Aloe Gentle Exfoliator by The Body Shop. It is very gentle and can be used frequently. I use it twice or thrice a week during winters.


My Current Skin Care Routine Products

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Aloe soothing day cream 

Aloe gentle exfoliator

Tea tree oil

Vitamin e eye cream 

Vaseline Cocoa Glow

Vaseline BlueSeal Petroleum Light Hydrating Jelly