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When To Get Rid Of Your Makeup

I want to keep all my cosmetic forever but they have an expiration date 🙁 People have different opinions about how long cosmetic products last. You can look for the little picture on the back of the product that looks like a tub with open lid. The number on it shows the number of months.

2Some cosmetic companies tend to keep the expiry date very short so that you  repurchase their products because some products literally lasts for ages and it’s obviously not what cosmetic company wants. If a product says 3 months or something like that it is obviously not realistic.

Guide to Makeup Expiration

Below is an estimate of how long cosmetic products last

Foundation: 12 Months

Concealer: 12 Months

Primer: 12 Months

Face Powder – 24 Months (can last longer)

Powder blush, Eye shadow, Highlighter or Bronzer: 24 Months (can last longer)

Eye or Lip Liners – 24 Months (can last longer)

Liquid Liners – 6 to 12 Months after opening

Mascara – 6 to 12 Months after opening

Lipstick – Not more than 24 Months

Lip gloss – Not more than 24 Months


These are just estimates but you need to check product texture, color and smell, if you feel any changes dispose of the product immediately. Some Products may last longer than the estimate but you need to be very careful because expired products can damage your skin. When to get rid of your makeup