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Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

As we grow old our skin also ages and the result is wrinkles. It is a natural process and we can’t stop it but we can indeed make it slow by properly taking care of our skin externally and internally. Skin under our eyes is most sensitive and thinnest. This is the reason why ageing signs appear under our eyes so quickly. I never used  any eye cream  until I noticed few fine lines. Fine lines or wrinkles appear quickly on dry skin so we should keep our skin moisturized. I went to body shop and ask for a good under eye cream for early 20’s and the girl suggested me this Vitamin E Eye Cream.

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream comes in a small 15 ml tube and retails for $18. The product is to be used

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Back

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Back

within 6 months of opening it. It claims to help in reducing appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles and it is for all skin types. It doesn’t have any fragrance. It can be used during day or night (AM and PM), though I was told to apply it overnight only.

I was looking for something that can reduce my dark circles and fine line. I have been using this cream for over 4 months twice a day (before I go to bed and in the morning)

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream keeps the under eye area moisturized without being oily and I think that is the best thing about this cream. As far as the results are concerned honestly there hasn’t been any noticeable difference. I know there are many other factor that are considered when talking about dark circles and fine lines like good night sleep, use of computer and water intake.

If you are looking for eye for only moisturizing purpose this could be a good choice but it definitely doesn’t help in reducing dark circles and fine lines. I think it’s a bit pricey as an eye cream. But I would continue using this cream until I find better one because keeping under eye area moisturized is absolutely necessary.

If you know a good effective eye cream please let me know in the comments below 🙂