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Online Cosmetic Shopping in Pakistan

When I was new to makeup I had a hard time finding products of international cosmetic brands in Pakistan. I tried everything from directly ordering from international cosmetic websites to asking my friends who live abroad to get my stuff but none of it worked for me.

The time has changed now, thanks to the internet!! Now I can shop all international cosmetic brands from Pakistan 😀

The fast emergence of e-commerce industry has made shopping very easy.  Now you can shop almost everything just by sitting at home including cosmetics!! 😀 . There is an increasing number of vendors selling international cosmetic products online.

When it comes to cosmetics, in addition to websites there are many Facebook sellers as well.

Website and Facebook Pages Comparison

Delivery time

Websites mostly have in stock products ready to be delivered within 2 to 3 days. On the other hand, you can order almost any cosmetic products through Facebook pages even if it’s not in stock, they will get it for you and deliver it within 3 to 4 weeks.


Prices on the cosmetic website are relatively higher than Facebook pages. Facebook sellers offer great prices.

The only drawback of ordering through the Facebook page is that it takes at least 3 to 4 weeks but that is totally fine because you are getting what you want at lower prices.

Purchasing Directly from International websites

Many international cosmetic brands offer worldwide delivery but if you purchase directly from them you will end up paying very high customs duties and shipping cost. Once I ordered few things and they  sent it through FedEx, first I had to pay $30 shipping fee for  products worth $65 and when it got delivered I had to pay the custom duty of Rs. 4000. So never order directly from an international website. Even if you don’t use FedEx or Dahl and use local post, chances are that your parcel will be lost.

For your convenience here is the list of Pakistani websites and Facebook pages where you can find international cosmetic brands 🙂


beautyareana                  daraz1       Emporium

Just4girlsFacebook Pages:


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